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The Holy Monastery of Makellaria

The Holy Monastery of Makellaria may be located in mountainous Achaia, but its heritage is truly global. It belongs to Greece, Europe, America, Australia, and the entire world.

The Holy Monastery stands in the middle of a striking natural environment.

Constructed high on an inaccessible peak where the Virgin Mary established her residence, the Monastery is Christian poetry made manifest. The quiet grandeur and solemnity of the place is sure to strike a note with pilgrims. Here, prayer feels truly meaningful.

The distant pilgrim of Makellaria comes only to pray and worship. His pilgrimage with this purpose is more genuine and in true faith. One could say that he is atoning before even reaching his place of worship. He does not come to admire and wonder...but simply to adore Virgin Mary.

Countless are the miracles he has offered to the faithful. Perhaps because here God's mercy finds affection and faith waiting...

This is also the characteristic of the Monastery: that one can feel God there. What other purpose could be more ideal than this??

The purpose of our website is for the visitor - pilgrim to approach this particularity of the Holy Monastery of Makellaria, to travel through the Internet, to be informed, to be informed, to get to know it and to visit it on site. And for her estranged pilgrims, who loved her, love her and have left their hearts to the sweet Virgin Mary of "Meteor" of Achaia, that through the website they can always feel close to her monastery.



"of the Holy Monastery
of Makellaria in Kalavryta"

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